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Oh Xmas Tree

Christmas trees are always so very cute. I just had to designed one and I wanted it to be very colourful. You can find the pattern here on Ravelry and Etsy.

«Oh Xmas Tree» is a crochet panel pattern, that matches Wintry Forest blanket perfectly. Now, you can have a blanket with a matching cushion. And your tree does not have to be a Xmas one. You can give it a winter look or a spring look.

I used my panel to make a cushion but it can be used as a table runner, a hall hanging, a placemat, etc. You can see lots of ideas in my FB Crochet Group – Oneskeinoflove Crochet. And you are so very welcome to join us there.

I attached my panel to a cute fabric cushion with pompoms, I bought in a store. I did a simple border and attached it with a hand stitched to the front side of my cushion.

Pattern is written in English (US Terms). It has written instructions and a chart too. Please note that this pattern does not give instructions for mosaic tapestry crochet and it is only for the panel. Border is not included.

The pattern was created using the overlay mosaic crochet technique and is great to use your small yarn leftovers. See pattern here.

In my sample I used a sport yarn and a 4 mm hook. You can use the yarn left from your Wintry Forest blanket.

Final size of the panel is 40 cm x 40 cm (15.7” x 15.7”), approximately.

These are some of beauties created with the pattern and published in my FB Crochet group. A placemate made by Sally Murray, a blanket made by Audrey Haffenden, a table runner made by Chantal Vanhollebeke, a cushion made by Uschi Menzel.


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