Ana – One Skein of Love

Crochet Designer



I am Ana, a portuguese crochet designer and crafts maker.

Crafts are my life and wherever there is yarn, fabrics, hooks and needles I am in paradise.

I have a big crush for crochet blankets and it is hard for me to end one before starting another. So many gorgeous designs around the world and so many ideas to design… if only I had more time!!!

Due to this passion I created the #mycrushonblankies hastag in Instagram. You are so welcome to follow it and add pics of your crochet blankets there. If you are a crochet blanket lover, like me, you will love this spot on Instagram 😉

Smooth Tiles Blanket
Hula Hoop Mandala


You can support my designing work with a small Donation. No matter how small, every penny will be highly appreciated and happily used to buy new yarn for new designs. (Click on the picture below)