I’m an all crafts maker, a crochet designer, and a teacher, and I welcome you all to join my crochet world of colours, patterns, and beautiful creations. I am the person behind One Skein of Love brand.

With a big passion for crochet, I hope I can inspire you to join this wonderful and therapeutic craft. I also hope I can add at least a little bit more fun to your lives.


Crafts have always been part of my life. As far as I remember there were always hooks, needles, yarn and fabrics around me, as my mother and grandmother were devoted crocheters, knitters and quilters.

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was around 8 years old. I started making simple dresses for my dolls and then moved on to granny square cushion. I loved playing with yarns and colours, creating crazy colourful pillows. I had the more tough teacher you can imagine. A stitch not perfectly made was to frog without arguing. I crocheted a lot with thread and a 1.75mm hook, something hard for me to make these days.

During my adolescence years I put crochet aside and knit as if there was a no tomorrow. My mother was my teacher as she was a great knitter. But 10 years ago, I discovered the pleasure of crochet again and since then there is not a single day that I don’t grab my hook and my crochet wip.

Talavera CAL released in Simply Crochet Magazine


When I joined Instagram in 2015, I met lovely crocheters from all over the world. I started testing for some of them and among the creations I made with their designs I also posted my own creations, but I never thought of becoming a crochet designer. I was motived by those fellow crocheters to write and publish my own designs.

Sometimes I collaborate with magazines and yarn brands but most of the time I publish my patterns as an independent designer, which allows me to create more freely.

I have a lot of pleasure creating new things and sharing them with all of you. I always get amazed by all the creativity out there. You always put a smile in my face when you share a creation made with my patterns. It is awesome to see your colours combinations.

All my patterns include written instructions and step-by-step pictures, as I try to make them accessible to every newbie crocheter. All my mosaic crochet patterns also have charts. I want to reach crocheters with all skills and motivate people to try crochet.

One Skein of Love is all about inspiring you with crochet wonders and add more colour and beauty to your lives, as well as lots of relaxing moments. I will try to share new and exciting crochet patterns, as long as I can.


I am crazy about crochet blankets. I love playing with textures and colours and love to feel the cosiness of a blanket on my lap. I lost count to all blankets I have made so far. There is nothing like a cosy handmade blanket and they are never too many, right? Can you imagine how happy I was when I was invited to write a book about crochet blankets? “Cosy Crochet Blankets to Snuggle Under” was release in April 2020, by TUVA Publishing. It features 15 colourful blankets made using different crochet techniques. There is a blanket for everyone, no matter how expert crocheter you are.

When I joined Instagram, I created #mycrushonblankies hashtag. If you also love crochet blankets you can check it for inspiration, or you can inspire others by sharing pictures of your creations there.

« My studio is my happy and safe place. Is where I can find peace and some mental balance. »

I hope you like this crochet corner of mine. You can also find me in the places below and join my FB crochet group Oneskeinoflove. Happy crocheting!!! Ana

Several reasons for buying patterns from an independent designer?

  • I am not limited by space like in magazines for example, so my patterns have ton of pictures!
  • I provide pattern support and you can ask me any questions, at any time. I am always available to help.
  • Follow me on social media to have sneak peeks on my current work, to know about new patterns and sales.
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