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Dahlias in Bloom – New pattern

“Better later than never” they say.

“I released Dahlias in Bloom” two weeks ago but for so many reasons I never made a blog post about it.

Dahlias in Bloom

This is a cushion I designed in 2015 when I wanted to offer a special handmade gift for a baby girl. For this gift I only made a front crochet panel. For the back I used a cute small gingham pink fabric with a romantic lace.

Now, I finally wrote the pattern but I decided to made a two crochet panels cushion, closed with buttons to make it easier to wash.

These squares use special dcs so often used by grandmother. After the sc this was the second stitch I learn from her. It gives an elongated look to the popcorns.

“Dahlias in Bloom” is a very relaxing pattern and it works up very quickly. In two or three days you can get yourself a new cushion or have a cute gift, made for someone special.

As usual you can find “Dahlias in Bloom” pattern in my Etsy, Ravelry and Love Crafts shops.

Wish you fun.




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