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Indra Wrap – new pattern

Presenting you my new pattern… Indra Wrap.

It is a scarf/wrap pattern that I worked out using a Ice Yarns Cakes Cotton Fine. You can find this pattern in my Etsy, Ravelry and Love Crafts shops.

This is a very relaxing pattern that works really fast. It can be easily adjusted in case you want to make it larger or longer. Scheepjes Whirls or Hobbii yarn cakes are great for larger Indras.

This pattern is a homaje to the most special cat I had the privilege to live with for 14 years old. Her name was Indra.

Indra is a deity in Hinduism and a guardian deity in Buddhism. He is the King of the Gods. God of Lightning, Thunder, Rains and River flows. King of Heaven. The colors I used remind me sky and seas storms.

Indra was born in Sweden in 2006 and move to our home in August, same year. It was love at first sight and we become so very close and attached to each other. Indra always knew when I was not feeling well and I felt the same way about her.

She got so many fans here in Portugal. She enchanted people with her cute blue nose and her sweet and playful temper.

Indra left us last 29th of may and left a big hole in my heart that will never close. She crossed the rainbow too soon and unexpected.

Today is my birthday and marks one month I lost my big fur friend. RIP my love, you will never ever be forgotten.


2 thoughts on “Indra Wrap – new pattern”

  1. Dear Ana, first of all; congratulations for your birthday!! This is a beautiful shawl and lovely colors. So sorry you lost your beloved cat Indra. I can imagine you are so sad about the loss. A pet can be your biggest friend and gives so much love. I see on the photo’s she was very special and beautiful. Big hug from me, xx Esther (essiebirdies)


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