Hula Hoop Mandala


Sorry for my long silence here on the blog. Amazing that 5 months have passed since my last post. I have being working on a secret project and all my attention was focused on it.

Nevertheless, I have so many news and crochet patterns to share with all of you.

I will start with my latest mandala – Hula Hoop Mandala. I just love it. ❤️ It was the second mandala I designed and the last to publish from all of them. I don’t know why.

Are you inspired to make your one Hula Hoop Mandala? If so grab the pattern in Ravelry, Etsy or Love Crafts.

Share your mandala in social media using #hulahoopmandala_oneskeinoflove hastag. I will love to see them.

Love 🌷



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