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Sneak Peeks

Cosy Crochet Blankets to Snuggle Under book is starting to arrive to so many people. I feel so honoured with all your purchases and your kind words.

Hope this book can cheer you up in this hard times due to the Corona Virus Epidemic. Staying home is the best we can due to stay safe either if we are free or infected. So, I think crocheting a blanket is a good way to pass time indoors and create something beautiful and colorful. I truly believe in color healing power.

This is Hearts Full of Grace, one of the blankets you can find in the book but there are much more, using very diferent crochet techniques.

blanket 8

You can get the book in any Amazon shop (according to the country where you live) and also in Barnes and Nobles and other european online libraries.

Get it here if you are in:










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