Twisted Pie Mandala

Although Twisted Pie was not the first mandala I designed, in fact it is my 3rd one, it was the first one to be published. First one to be written eheheh. You can find pattern in my Etsy shop, in my Ravelry or in Love Crafts website.

After some rounds it, acidentally started to crinkle and I love it. So I decided to keep that kind of 3 D look until the end.

I tested the pattern in several different thickness yarns just to see if the design would work. And it did. 🙂



Twisted Pie was then tested by 3 wonderful crocheters ladies. My big thank you to FionaSusan and Susi. You can find them on Instagram.







Hope you like Twisted Pie and enjoy making it. You can share your Twisted Pie in Instagram using these hastags  #twistedpiepattern #twistedpiedoily #mandalatwistedpie.

Ana XX

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