Mandala 21 – by John Kelly (with my own border)

Some months ago the so talented Dedry Uys (you all know her cause Dedri is Sophie’s Universe blanket mother) shared on her Instagram a tutorial for Mandala 21, a design by John Kelly.

John Kelly stopped designing crochet patterns (unfortunately) but he gave Dedri permission to do a photo tutorial for his lovely mandala pattern.

From 17th till 21st of August, Dedri shared a post for each Mandala 21 round. It was so great to have Instagram “invaded” by so many different colourful mandalas, made by people from all over the world. 💗

I joined the party and at the end I decided to add a final round and give my mandala a different finnished look

Mandala 21 – My mandala

Border pattern

Join yarn with a standing sc in the space between any last FPdc and the first dtr. Make a FPsc around the 2dtr and the FPdc in the middle of them. Ch4 and sl st in the top of the FPsc to create a picot. Sc in the space between the last dtr and the first FPdc of the previous round. Sl st in the back loop of each of the 9 FPdc. Repeat all the way around. Join to the first FPdc with a sl st.


You can find Mandala 21 pattern at Dedri’s blog (Look at what I made) here
You can find Mandala 21 tutorial also in Dedri’s Instagram here

Mandala 21 – Dedri’s Mandala (pic by Dedri Uyrs from Look At What I Made blog)

If you decide to make a Mandala 21, you can share your pics using #notacal or #mandala21 hastags. Please, credit John Kelly as Mandala 21 designer.

Ana xx


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