Hello and thank you so much for stopping by.

I am Ana, a portuguese crafter, crazy about crochet and colour… lots of colour.

I live in Cascais, near the sea, with my husband, my two sons and 5 cats. Yes I am a cat woman too. I love animals and all my life I had the privilege to contact with these special and so clever creatures. If I can not imagine my life without crochet, I can’t also imagine it without cats. Their elegance and enigmatic souls fascinate me.

This is my big friend Fontemouro (Aka Mourinho, the special one). Isn’t he the most handsome boy on earth?!!! 🙂


I learned crochet with my grandmother. I was about 6 or 7 years old. She was a tough teacher and always made sure I frogged all my mistakes. I made so many granny and C2C cushions. Mixing colours was so fascinating to me. A happy therapy, I guess. During my adolescency I gave up on crochet and knitted, knitted and knitted. I knitted all the time. Thousands of scarfs, hats, cardigans… Then I gave up on knitting and restart to crochet again.

I can not explain why crochet is so important to me as there are also so many beautiful things using other craft technics. But the truth is that I can not spend a day without crocheting. Even if it is only for one or two stitches a day.


I also sew a lot and like to do some embroidery.

Besides crafting I love books, sea and chocolate. I think this one is not a big sin as some scientific studies says it is good for heart. What is good for heart is good for soul, right 🙂

I hope to share some of my crochet life stories and my own crochet or knitting patterns too, with you all. Just stay tuned.

Ana xx


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